New Blog for Biondi Travels


I finally decided to go to a real blog format for my travel writing in order to reach more friends.

Instead of getting random emails from me you can now chose to go to whenever you want to, in order to see where I am currently traveling and what I have to say about my travel experiences.Carnival!

I’ll post my blog address,, on my FaceBook site so you can FRIEND REQUEST me and then “LIKE” my link to my blog and SHARE it with your FB friends (if you think anyone you know might be interested).  Personally, I think it might be pretty boring for people who don’t actually know me!

Anyway…hope you enjoy my adventures.  Happy to share my travels with you!

JanBeach Club Restaurant

PS….Stay tuned.  I leave Dominican Republic on March 27th to get ready for my next adventure overseas!

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